Client Type*
Are you a Business Owner and/or receive Self-Employment Income?*

for example: 1099 or K-1 income

Are there any Advanced Tax Planning issues?*

for example Divorce, Income Earned Internationally, Rental Income

Do you have a large amount of Debt?*

for example: Student Loans, Large Credit Card balances, etc.

Do you receive Equity Compensation or have any Stock Options?*

for example: NQSOs, ISOs, ESPPs, Restricted Stock, SARs

Do you anticipate any significant event or expense in the next 12-18 months?*

for example: Birth of a Child, Home, Renovation, Starting a Business, Career Change, Investment, etc.

Annual Planning Fee

*The Planning Fee calculated above is an estimate and should only be used as a guideline for estimating pricing. The actual fee will be determined after evaluating individual needs and determining the complexity and scope of your situation.

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